lanyardsWelcome to DownUnderSpirit. DownUnderSpirit are the leaders in cheer leading supplies with customers across the world. We specialise in a number of different promotional items surround the cheer leading industry. We have provided many items like personalised lanyards, custom t-shirts and wristbands. Most of the items we stock. However some of our items are outsourced like our lanyards via a company call Lesar ( http://www.lesar.co.uk/lanyards ) . Lesar are a leading seller of lanyards leading and have always had a fantastic service and product.

Some of the lanyards we have had made for promotional purposes range from very plain and elegant designs to highly complicated and intricate designs that you would image are hard to print on to a lanyard. At times this made us feel that it would be difficult to get these designs printed to the way we wanted them to be. However working with Lesar on these promotional lanyards that you would imagine would be hard to print was a breeze. There design team helped us an awful lot by working with us over the phone to tweak different designs to fit perfectly on the lanyards whilst preserving the quality of the design. This has helped us to win competitions we believe as people love our routines when we hand out free products and promotional items. We would highly recommend that people would consider this approach.

We love performing our cheer routines at different events across the world. We really appreciate all the work that people do to make these events happen and the way they particularly make all us cheer teams comfortable. We love to give back to those people by handing out our free promotional materials. Often we find that a lot of end up using these items with there visitor systems that manage the people who can behind stage. The visitor systems that is used at cheer events is something that we as a team really value and are thankful to the organisers for using, as the system really helps keep us all safe and safety is paramount when you are preparing for your routine. The last thing you want is to be warming up or stretching in preparation for your routine to then be disrupted by a fan looking to speak to you. This doesn’t mean we don’t love our fans we really do. In fact we have dedicated time after the events where the fans can come and meet us and ask different questions.